Tiny living is fulfilling, affordable, and environmentally sustainable. But going tiny also means adjusting to a new way of doing life. These videos will help you explore your options and prepare you and your family for living in a tiny home.

Going Off-Grid With Matt

Matt prepares his 14' tiny home for an off-grid adventure.

Next, Matt shows us how to set up a tiny on site, and enjoys the gorgeous scenery of Hartsel, Colorado.

Matt completes his time in the wilderness with coffee and a beautiful sunrise.

Off-Grid Living

Thinking of going off-grid?  In this video, Matt explains the important differences between regular living and going off-grid in your tiny home.

How to Use A Composting Toilet

So how do these work anyway? Matt explains all the practicals and dirty details of having a composting toilet in your tiny home.

How to Handle a 30 Gallon Water Tank

How do we get water working in a tiny home? In this video, Matt shows us how to operate a 30 gallon water tank for both on- and off-grid homes.

How Does Solar Work In A Tiny Home?

Ever wonder how solar power actually works? Matt and Eliu describe how solar power operates in one of our tiny homes.