Tiny Tours with Matt

Gorgeous 32' Tiny Home

Matt walks us through this spacious 32' home with French doors, dual lofts, and plenty of space to spread out.

matt's 14' tiny home

Matt walks us through his new 14' tiny home! His house was built with off-grid capability, two lofts, a fireplace, and innovative storage spaces. Come see how he's given the place his own personal touch.

28' cedar tiny home

Matt gives us a tour of a stunning 28' cedar tiny home, complete with all the furnishings! This solar-powered home is outfitted with some great amenities, including a farm sink, washer/dryer, and cozy fireplace in the bedroom.

20' Colorado floor plan

Join Matt on a tour of this 20' tiny home with our Colorado floor plan. We gave this home a shed roof, a three-burner stovetop, and extra cabinet space in the kitchen for plenty of storage. 

custom built 20' tiny home

Matt walks us through a gorgeous, 20' custom built tiny house with extra closet space, plenty of storage, and stunning copper accents.

16' southern wyoming floor plan

Matt gives us a tour of a 16' tiny home with our Southern Wyoming floor plan. This lovely home has a bedroom fireplace and ample loft space.

Tiny Home Mini-Tours

beautiful blue 16' Tiny Home

This bright, modern tiny home has a farm sink, cedar shower, dual lofts, and master bedroom walk-through.

Awesome 20' Tiny Home

Another one of our popular 20' models is rolling out to its new home!

Adorable, Practical 20' Tiny Home

This 20' tiny home has a gabled roof, two lofts, and a bathtub with cedar paneling. Livable and lovely.

Beautiful 20' Tiny Home

This lovely 20' tiny home is just about ready! Beautiful and functional inside and out, this home has a farm sink, cedar shower, California closet, and a custom built gated loft.

Huge 32' Tiny Home

Our first 32' build just rolled out last week! The largest we offer, our Redfeather floor plan sleeps up to 6 people. Customized by the buyer, this beauty is equipped with a wood burning stove, fireplace, and solar power

Spacious 28' Tiny Home

With plenty of room to spread out, this new 28' tiny home has a beautiful front porch, a cozy fireplace, and two lofts.

Lovely 28' tiny home

This bright, beautiful 28' tiny house provides functionality and space on a small scale. Two lofts, extra cabinets, and under-stair compartments give this home ample storage and breathing room.

Awesome 14' tiny home

Our little 14' tiny home is perfect for an adventurous single or couple wanting to go small. This functional, livable house has two lofts, a front porch, and a fireplace.

Custom 24' tiny home

This beautiful home was uniquely built for one of our happy clients. Per the customer's request, we installed a fireplace, an incinerating toilet, and a horse trough bathtub!

functional, beautiful 24' tiny home

Explore this 24' tiny home with a 4' front porch and two lofts. 

off-grid 28' tiny home

Our fully loaded 28' home rolled out last week! This one's got solar power, water filtration, a main floor master bedroom, and plenty of storage space.

adorable 20' Tiny Home

We love this little 20' tiny home! This one's got a wood burning stove, fireplace, two lofts, and a custom bathroom layout.

Spacious 28' tiny home

This beautiful, roomy 28' home has a large kitchen, two sleeping areas, extra storage space, a bathtub, and a washer/dryer.

lovely 16' solar-powered tiny home

This modern, functional 16' home is equipped with solar power, extra shelving, two lofts, and a 4' front porch.

colorado floor plan - 24' tiny home

See how our Colorado floor plan looks in one of our 24' homes. This lovely house has a beautiful kitchen, spacious bathroom, and  a bedroom closet with a fireplace.


Take a walk through this cute little 12' tiny home. We've installed two lofts, solar power, and a front porch to create a small, comfortable living space.

beautiful 20' cedar tiny home

Check out our newest floor plan, the Texan! I is 28' long, plus a 4' front porch. This spacious home is able to sleep up to six people, with a main floor master bedroom and ample loft spaces. Visit our website to find out more :D

beautiful 20' cedar tiny home

Explore this gorgeous 20' cedar tiny home with two storage/sleeping lofts and plenty of storage. Beautiful inside and out!

furnished 28' cedar tiny home

Step inside this fully furnished, solar-powered 28' cedar tiny home. Gorgeous inside and out, this home features a farm sink, washer/dryer, and a cozy bedroom fireplace.

gorgeous 20' tiny home

Walk through this 20' tiny home with big amenities. This beauty boasts a full-sized bathtub, four burner stovetop, and sliding glass door.

cozy 12' solar tiny home

Step inside this solar-powered 12' home. Compact yet comfortable, our 12' homes take up minimal space while giving you a great view of the sunset from your front porch.

awesome 20' tiny home

With an extra loft built in, this 20' home has two potential sleeping areas and plenty of room for storage.

modern 20' tiny home

Tour this lovely 20' home with our Colorado floor plan. This model includes a three burner stovetop, functional bedroom closet, and a second loft.

roomy 28' tiny home

Step into one of our beautiful 28' tiny homes. Modern amenities and intentional craftsmanship make this home a comfortable space to explore tiny living.

beautiful 16' tiny home

Come inside this lovely tiny home with us. We've given this 16' home a gabled roof, a bedroom fireplace, and cozy front porch.

Custom built 20' tiny home

Explore this unique 20' custom home, complete with a built-out closet, ample storage, and beautiful copper accents.

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